A Little About Me

There I was a freshman in college when I had this feeling. “I wonder what LA would be like? Could I live out there?  Maybe I should try… If it doesn’t work I can always come back to Iowa. My family will still be here… so why not give it a shot?”  That was it. That week I decided that that August (which was only three months away) I would make the 2000-ish mile drive to Los Angeles, CA.  Already imagining the culture shock I would get I remembered how much I had loved being born and raised in Iowa. The people, the relaxed atmosphere, we have some of the freshest food/ingredients you can get, however, I just felt this need to try something different. Different end of the spectrum if you will. So a sunny and yet very somber August day my best friend and I drove off, car behind car with walkie-talkies attached to our seat belts so we could keep each other company.  Back in those days “unlimited calling” was not a thing, so this is the best we could do.

One year after moving to Los Angeles I made a full-time career in property management and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to have a big girl job.  I had a very successful career and had met and worked with some amazing people over the years and had I wanted it, I could have done it forever.  However, day by day I began to feel restless and began thinking, “is this really what life is about?  Get up – go to work and repeat?  Dread Monday thru Friday and live only for the weekends?”

Cue 2014.  I had never been financially capable to travel nor had the vacation time to spare (all of my vacation time was spent going back to Iowa to visit my family) I was never able to tag along on any fun adventures.  However, that year it all changed.  I was given the opportunity to go to a festival in Boom, Belgium known as Tomorrowland.  By the time the video of the festival was over I knew I had to go and experience this thing known as Tomorrowland and I was not going to let anything stop me.  So February 2014 I am online in a frenzy trying to get tickets which sell out in a mere eight minutes and wouldn’t you know… I GOT THEM!  That was it, I WAS GOING TO EUROPE!  I could hardly wait and me being the planner I am, I couldn’t wait to plan everything.

Needless to say that trip is what started my Wanderlust and I have yet to stop and take a breath.  I have decided to quit my Monday thru Friday job and take my self discovery of what I want to do and where I want to end up abroad.  This is my story, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I will.



Briana Jeanay


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