Published Online Writingโ€ฆ Say What?

While having so much free time on my hands these days while I job search throughout the Midwest I decided to do a little writing on the side. ย After sending in an article or two to a couple of web based writing platforms I got the lovely email that one of my articles had been accepted. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย You can check it out here, enjoy. 5 … Continue reading Published Online Writingโ€ฆ Say What?

7-Week Reflection

On my 26th birthday in 2014 I said, โ€œThis will be the most fun year of my lifeโ€ and you better believe it was. Traveling through six different countries in 12 months and enjoying three separate music festivals, it really was the most fun year I have ever had. On my 27th birthday in 2015 I said, โ€œThis will be the most life-changing year of … Continue reading 7-Week Reflection

El Nidoโ€ฆ Finally

As I’m sitting at dinnerย with my two friends, James and Camila, I say, “man… I’m kind of bummed myย El Nido trip got cancelled this week. Maybe I’ll try to go next week by myself.” ย They replied back, “we might be able to go this weekend if you want!” ย Uh, yes. I would love that. Two days later tickets are booked and we leave the next … Continue reading El Nidoโ€ฆ Finally