Stagecoach (Lies. Mostly Palm Springs)

This is obviously not my first festival post. However, this was actually my first festival back in April 2014. Stagecoach is solely a country music festival located just out of Palm Springs in the Coachella Desert. It’s hot as hell as you can imagine and in a large open space with three stages. This particular weekend turned into much more than I could have imagined … Continue reading Stagecoach (Lies. Mostly Palm Springs)

Made in America LA

The infamous Made in America festival made one appearance in Los Angeles in 2014.  I had absolutely no intention on going until about 48 hours prior.  Some of my closest friends reached out and asked if I had any desire to go given I had just done Tomorrowland four weeks prior.  I contemplated and decided… meh, why not?  I hop on stub hub and luckily … Continue reading Made in America LA


Finally arriving to the airport in Brussels, Belgium during Tomorrowland preparation is anything but ordinary.  You will see Tomorrowland themed planes, buses, and workers already dressed in costume greeting you at every turn in the airport.  Once you make your way to the bus the blaring music over the speakers will instantaneously wake you up as you make your way from Brussels to Boom.  Pulling … Continue reading Tomorrowland