Published Online Writing… Say What?

While having so much free time on my hands these days while I job search throughout the Midwest I decided to do a little writing on the side.  After sending in an article or two to a couple of web based writing platforms I got the lovely email that one of my articles had been accepted.  🙂  You can check it out here, enjoy. 5 … Continue reading Published Online Writing… Say What?

7-Week Reflection

On my 26th birthday in 2014 I said, “This will be the most fun year of my life” and you better believe it was. Traveling through six different countries in 12 months and enjoying three separate music festivals, it really was the most fun year I have ever had. On my 27th birthday in 2015 I said, “This will be the most life-changing year of … Continue reading 7-Week Reflection

3 Week Reflection

Disclosure, this is not a post with fun photos (womp womp). This is a post about the first three weeks and the mental journey not seen on your phone and computer screen. The first three weeks as seen on my blog and Instagram may look like the time of my life, but to be quite honest, they were actually quite the opposite. The first three weeks … Continue reading 3 Week Reflection

Step 1! Uh, I mean… Stop 1… Hong Kong

This destination marks the beginning of my journey through Asia.  All this time while I was preparing for the adventure the anxiety more than anything else had pretty much consumed me.  As expected and the inevitable was approaching the time had come. I packed my overly large backpack which weighed far too much and got on the plane to discover the unknown.  Unknown countries, cities and hopefully … Continue reading Step 1! Uh, I mean… Stop 1… Hong Kong

Projected Travel Path *subject to change without notice

Granted things can always change, and I am sure they will at some point, but this is a pretty solid estimate of where and in what order I will go.  Almost that time folks… Self discovery… Here I come!   Continue reading Projected Travel Path *subject to change without notice