Published Online Writingโ€ฆ Say What?

While having so much free time on my hands these days while I job search throughout the Midwest I decided to do a little writing on the side. ย After sending in an article or two to a couple of web based writing platforms I got the lovely email that one of my articles had been accepted. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย You can check it out here, enjoy. 5 … Continue reading Published Online Writingโ€ฆ Say What?

7-Week Reflection

On my 26th birthday in 2014 I said, โ€œThis will be the most fun year of my lifeโ€ and you better believe it was. Traveling through six different countries in 12 months and enjoying three separate music festivals, it really was the most fun year I have ever had. On my 27th birthday in 2015 I said, โ€œThis will be the most life-changing year of … Continue reading 7-Week Reflection

Jet Set to Vancouver

One thing that is great about living in Los Angeles is the discount plane tickets and flash sales you can utilize to take fun unexpected trips.ย  Allegiant which is a budget airline online is generally pretty cheap, however, this day they sent out a notification of even lower fares to select cities.ย  Lone behold me and my friends decided to jump on the opportunity to … Continue reading Jet Set to Vancouver

Des Moines, Iowa – Foodie Version

I am sure I know what you’re thinking… “Iowa?”ย  Yes – Iowa.ย  Born and raised in this amazing state it holds a very dear place in my heart.ย  Being in LA for so long I have actually developed more love for it than I could have imagined over the years.ย  This trip will be a bit different from all my other trips as two of … Continue reading Des Moines, Iowa – Foodie Version

Stagecoach (Lies. Mostly Palm Springs)

This is obviously not my first festival post. However, this was actually my first festival back in April 2014. Stagecoach is solely a country music festival located just out of Palm Springs in the Coachella Desert. It’s hot as hell as you can imagine and in a large open space with three stages. This particular weekend turned into much more than I could have imagined … Continue reading Stagecoach (Lies. Mostly Palm Springs)

Island Adventures of Oahu

Back in April my boyfriend and I started to get that “itch” to go somewhere. ย Given the lack of vacation time I had we knew we had to pick a fairly close and easy destination to get to. ย From LAX you can get to Hawaiiย in about 5 1/2 to 6 hours which was more than doable to get away forย five to six days. ย As usual … Continue reading Island Adventures of Oahu