Published Online Writing… Say What?

While having so much free time on my hands these days while I job search throughout the Midwest I decided to do a little writing on the side.  After sending in an article or two to a couple of web based writing platforms I got the lovely email that one of my articles had been accepted.  🙂  You can check it out here, enjoy. 5 … Continue reading Published Online Writing… Say What?

7-Week Reflection

On my 26th birthday in 2014 I said, “This will be the most fun year of my life” and you better believe it was. Traveling through six different countries in 12 months and enjoying three separate music festivals, it really was the most fun year I have ever had. On my 27th birthday in 2015 I said, “This will be the most life-changing year of … Continue reading 7-Week Reflection

El Nido… Finally

As I’m sitting at dinner with my two friends, James and Camila, I say, “man… I’m kind of bummed my El Nido trip got cancelled this week. Maybe I’ll try to go next week by myself.”  They replied back, “we might be able to go this weekend if you want!”  Uh, yes. I would love that. Two days later tickets are booked and we leave the next … Continue reading El Nido… Finally

3 Week Reflection

Disclosure, this is not a post with fun photos (womp womp). This is a post about the first three weeks and the mental journey not seen on your phone and computer screen. The first three weeks as seen on my blog and Instagram may look like the time of my life, but to be quite honest, they were actually quite the opposite. The first three weeks … Continue reading 3 Week Reflection

Back to Boracay

The question I get asked most often is, “why did you choose Asia?”  The answer to that question is actually easier than most might think… the Philippines.  The Philippines is why I chose Asia.  I spent two weeks here last February and I absolutely fell in love with the country.  So, when it came down to choose a place to venture off to, there really … Continue reading Back to Boracay

Projected Travel Path *subject to change without notice

Granted things can always change, and I am sure they will at some point, but this is a pretty solid estimate of where and in what order I will go.  Almost that time folks… Self discovery… Here I come!   Continue reading Projected Travel Path *subject to change without notice

Boracay, Boracay, Boracay

After a very quick trip to El Nido, Boracay was our next stop.  I think both my boyfriend and I would agree, if we could redo this trip, we would spend less time in Boracay and more time in El Nido.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a reason that Boracay has been voted most beautiful beach for a few years running now.  It is … Continue reading Boracay, Boracay, Boracay

Take Me Back to El Nido. Immediately.

As we are rushing to the airport it dawns on us that we are not flying into Puerta Princessa. No No.  We are flying straight into El Nido.  We ask the driver if he is familiar with where their terminal is for ITI.  Thankfully after about a 10 minute discussion he realized where we were headed.  We get there and we are greeted with an … Continue reading Take Me Back to El Nido. Immediately.