One Night in Brussels, Unintentionally

Tomorrowland has come to an end and as we make our way out of the festival we now understand how truly large the grounds were.  About an hour and a half later we finally find our bus and make our way back to Brussels from Boom.  Holy‚Ķ Traffic.  It was remarkable.  May be worse than LA as far as I am concerned, or maybe it … Continue reading One Night in Brussels, Unintentionally


Finally arriving to the airport in Brussels, Belgium during Tomorrowland preparation is anything but ordinary.  You will see Tomorrowland themed planes, buses, and workers already dressed in costume greeting you at every turn in the airport.  Once you make your way to the bus the blaring music over the speakers will instantaneously wake you up as you make your way from Brussels to Boom.  Pulling … Continue reading Tomorrowland