El Nido… Finally

As I’m sitting at dinner with my two friends, James and Camila, I say, “man… I’m kind of bummed my El Nido trip got cancelled this week. Maybe I’ll try to go next week by myself.”  They replied back, “we might be able to go this weekend if you want!”  Uh, yes. I would love that. Two days later tickets are booked and we leave the next … Continue reading El Nido… Finally

3 Week Reflection

Disclosure, this is not a post with fun photos (womp womp). This is a post about the first three weeks and the mental journey not seen on your phone and computer screen. The first three weeks as seen on my blog and Instagram may look like the time of my life, but to be quite honest, they were actually quite the opposite. The first three weeks … Continue reading 3 Week Reflection

Panglao Island, Bohol. Wait… What happened to El Nido?

APEC happened to El Nido. Sadly we didn’t know while planning this trip that the APEC meeting was going to be taking place in Manila at the same time (the last time APEC was in Manila was 20 years ago). This was brought to our attention as we started getting emails a week before our trip saying, “some flights may be cancelled or delayed during … Continue reading Panglao Island, Bohol. Wait… What happened to El Nido?

Back to Boracay

The question I get asked most often is, “why did you choose Asia?”  The answer to that question is actually easier than most might think… the Philippines.  The Philippines is why I chose Asia.  I spent two weeks here last February and I absolutely fell in love with the country.  So, when it came down to choose a place to venture off to, there really … Continue reading Back to Boracay

Ba Ba Bali

Following a four-hour flight delay and 10 hours of airport time (post soon to come of what all goes wrong during travel, haha) I finally reached Bali. With another hour and a half drive ahead of me it felt like I would never reach Ubud. After what I consider the most terrifying cab ride of my life (someone actually crashed a scooter in front of … Continue reading Ba Ba Bali

R&R on Pulau Sibu Island, Malaysia

After the whirlwind destination stops of Hong Kong and Singapore, both of which were not longer than 48 hours, the island of Pulau Sibu off the east coast of Malaysia is my next stop. This destination I will be with a group of people whom I have yet to meet. We find our van pick up location and with a three-hour van ride a head … Continue reading R&R on Pulau Sibu Island, Malaysia

Unexpected Love, Singapore

After what feels like the most turbulent plane ride I have ever taken, my friend Lisa and I arrive in Singapore. Taken back by the beauty of the city even from the airport to her apartment I could hardly wait to get the next day started. Thankfully Lisa has been living in the city for a while so she had no issues or lack of … Continue reading Unexpected Love, Singapore

Step 1! Uh, I mean… Stop 1… Hong Kong

This destination marks the beginning of my journey through Asia.  All this time while I was preparing for the adventure the anxiety more than anything else had pretty much consumed me.  As expected and the inevitable was approaching the time had come. I packed my overly large backpack which weighed far too much and got on the plane to discover the unknown.  Unknown countries, cities and hopefully … Continue reading Step 1! Uh, I mean… Stop 1… Hong Kong